Wedding Planner

Katarzyna Calcutt

” Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life “


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Wedding planner

Katarzyna Calcutt

There is a saying “Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life”. This idea  guided the creation of KC Love Stories. Can there be something more beautiful than the happiness of people who, thanks to you, have had their dreams come true?  That is why, after 12 years spent in the tourism and event industry, I decided to follow my own dreams and professionally organise weddings. Working in these industries allows me to take full advantage of features such as creativity, perfectionism and diligence to help others achieve their goals.

I have a Wedding Planner Certificate recommended by the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants as well as an Event Planner Certificate, EMTG. 

I was born and currently live in Zakopane. Stunning mountain views, beautiful nature, folk tradition, delicious cuisine and wonderful people are just a few advantages of this wonderful location on the map of Poland. I love mountains and the Podhale region, this is why I organise weddings here. With a full comprehensive knowledge of the local market I am able to find optimal solutions in all matters related to the organisation of your magical wedding in Zakopane.

I take an individual approach to each project. My experience supported by education as well as my life long knowledge of Zakopane and the surrounding area has allowed me to organise a number of ceremonies. All of which are original and deviate from the well worn out classic themes.

I guarantee that KC Love Stories will save you time, money and stress. I will assist and support you in every minute and hour of the upcomming chalanges related to the organization of your Wedding Day in Zakopane, Poland.  I understand that difficulties connected with distance, lack of knowleadge of the area and people, combination of cultures and languages, lack of time or ideas, can be really stressful and…. in my opinion, unnecessery!

Whether you require me to cater for every small detail, plan your Wedding Day from the concept to completion, partially help with single services or simply provide on the day coordination alone, I am here to help…
With KC Love Stories assistance, we will create a wedding of your dreams…
Love Story of the lifetime…



Organising your wedding and reception may not seem like a big undertaking. However in fact, many weeks of preparation and attention to prepare everything in fine detail consumes a huge amount of time and nerves. This day is supposed to be the most important day of your life. Don’t let the stress ruin it!

Recently, an increasing number of hotels and caterers offer a wedding planning service. Of course, this is a solution that greatly facilitates the organisation of the ceremony. However, by choosing this type of service you limit the possibilities to those offered. For example, imposed decorations, menus or products. They may push the services to increase their profits. If you care about full personalisation and an individual approach to each issue of your wedding, it is worth thinking about a private wedding planner separate to the hotel or wedding location.




Cooperation with a wedding consultant – a wedding planner will allow you to delegate all responsibilities to professionals who will deal with the organisational side and advise on all issues. Whilst at the same time fully adapting to your vision of the perfect wedding and reception.

I want this day to be perfect in every inch and in line with your expectations. Trust me – I am here to help you make your dreams come true!